Welcome Scrapbookers, Planners, and all other paper craft loving friends.

I've been in love with paper for as long as I can remember. I remember walking to a local stationery shop after school and using my lunch money to buy cool pens and planners. Yea, I was that kid. Who am I kidding? I am now that woman. It’s no wonder I started a paper company back in 2008. Albert (my husband) and I started Chic Tags in 2008, after I realized cute affordable paper was hard to come by!
I'm always making lists and leaving notes scattered everywhere and so this year I finally decided to get a planner to organize said lists. This began a crazy planning obsession! So, it only seemed natural to start making my own stickers and accessories. That's how Planner Addict was born. I hope you enjoy our love and passion for great design!
Welcome to our new venture!

Please visit our scrapbooking supply shop at www.chictags.com
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